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Upper Mustang Trekking Season

These days, the situation in Upper Mustang seems quite different to that of the initial decade or so after opening to the world. Fully supported camping treks are no longer a must, with locally owned and operated lodges dotting the region. Reports of ‘unwelcoming’ locals, demanding money for photos or shouting ‘no photo’ at tourists, didn’t match with our own experience. We can only assume that perhaps the situation, economically at least, has improved somewhat and therefore that attitudes towards tourists have warmed? Culturally and environmentally though, Upper Mustang is certainly at risk from the ongoing and haphazard development of the road to the border at Kora La.

The future of Upper Mustang is unclear, and we can’t help but wonder if the huge amounts of money raised from the ‘restricted area’ status were in fact put towards the building of the road from Jomsom to Lo Manthang. This road, while beneficial in some respects, will undoubtedly make it harder for the centuries-old culture and traditions of the region to cling on in a rapidly changing environment, irrevocably altering the former Kingdom of Lo forever.

Now a day, Motor Road goes to Lo Manthang and being convenient for trekker and traveler to get there and till Nepal – Tibet border. So no difficulty for interested trekker to get to visit and making good experience about Upper Mustang which plateau is similar to Tibet Land. One can feel put leg on Tibetan Land.

It is request to experience Upper Mustang Trek, this is really good season. In Nepal, weather season is exactly opposite of other part of Nepal. In recent, Nepal is fully rainy season, all parts of Nepal are raining, land sliding, high rapid of water, weather is cloudy but Upper Mustang and Upper Dolpo Regions are really dry and weather is quite fine. So this is best time to visit Upper Mustang till end of September.

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